Is your fence looking less than great?

Fence cleaning, like any part of your home’s exterior, aren’t immune to heat and moisture we experience most of the year in Vancouver, and over time they attract algae, mildew, grime, and other nasty messes. A dirty fence can make your yard feel less welcoming and age the appearance of your property overall.

If left long enough, these can cause permanent stains and even eat away at your fencing. Add on some bugs, dirt, grass clippings, and some of the other messes you’d find out in your yard, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for one messy fence!


Planning on washing away that slime and grime former looks?

If so, awesome – but make sure you’re going about it the right way! We treat your fence with gentle care and meticulous attention to detail. We only use biodegradable cleaners for our soft washing work so that we can support a healthy, non-toxic environment for your home! When it’s time to get those fences clean, though, don’t sweat it! The fence washing services of i5’s Soft Wash are perfect for giving your fence a fresh new face.


Soft Washing

The best way to clean it.

i5’s Soft Wash process not only cleans your fence, but also applies a treatment that can stop the return of the algae for up to 18 months.

Soft Washing goes beyond cleaning off your fence, and gets rid of the microbes responsible and looking great for the staining and discoloration. Our processes at i5’s SoftWash provide results that last anywhere from four to six times longer than conventional power washing and with no damage!

Unlike conventional pressure washing, our soft wash system is gentle on wooden surfaces. The dirt and grime that harm homes can be safely removed without causing unintended damage when cleaning wooden decks, fences and other surfaces.

Our professional soft wash cleaning method will eliminate algae and mold growth at its source. We utilize non-hazardous and biodegradable cleaning products. Our special blend of detergents is designed to treat unwanted biological growth, fungus, moss, red & green algae, bacteria, lichen, pollen, mold and other forms of embedded growth on an exterior surface without high pressure.

Offering superior, effective cleaning solutions for residential, commercial and multi-use properties throughout Vancouver, WA and the surrounding areas, soft washing goes far beyond what you are used to for exterior cleaning.