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i5’s Roof Soft Wash uses water-based biodegradable chemicals that break down any dirt and grime. Soft washing also removes bug nests, webs, algae, mildew, bacteria and mould. This leaves your roof surface clean and sanitized. Our soft wash organic roof cleaning system uses one-third of the water that pressure washing or power washing may use. It also lasts 4-6 times longer and won’t harm the roof surface like higher-pressure washing will. We also use chemicals that arma(Asphalt roofing manufacturers association). Recommend for prolonged life of your roof. Soft washing is more effective than pressure washing because it goes beyond simply cleaning what is seen on your roof. It completely removes the root of the issue. While soft wash cleans your roof, the mix of biodegradable safe chemicals guarantees that the bacteria-creating buildup will be completely eliminated.

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Just like your siding, if not, even more, your roof is exposed to the sun, moisture, dirt, wind, and other pollutants. All these contaminants can leave your roof vulnerable to fungus, algae, and moss growth. Moss and algae growth won’t just cause your home to look bad. throughout time, the organic growth will spread and cause the deterioration of the roof shingles. If you don’t want your roof to become damaged over time, roof cleaning & moss removal is recommended once a year. Call us today and let i5 Roof Soft Wash do the roof cleaning for you!

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