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i5 Exteriors is the premier Olympia, Washington roofing company, and known as a trusted Olympia roofing contractors, here in the greater Portland and Olympia metro areas. i5 Exteriors offers different styles and grades of roofing materials, including environmental and green building roofing solutions. i5 Exteriors works with proven manufacturers like CertainTeed and Malarkey, as their roofing materials have lasted for decades and have been rated #1 by numerous publications. i5 Exteriors offers a complete line of CertainTeed roofing products, Malarkey roofing products and accessories for any type of Olympia roofing project or any age of home here in the Olympia metro and  surrounding areas. i5 Exteriors specialty is architectural composition, and designer shingles as this is also the most popular profile of roofing material used. The quality and appearance of roofing materials today have advanced greatly with newer technology, building science, and integral engineering development. Composition roofing is commonly classified as laminated architectural or dimensional shingles.

Being an accredited Olympia, Washington roofing company, i5 Exteriors provides and installs CertainTeed roofing and Malarkey roofing products as they represent only the best composition roofing options for timeless beauty and longevity here in the Olympia metro and surrounding areas. CertainTeed and Malarkey composition roofing is low maintenance, features deep rich shadow lines, has a class A fire rating, is moss or mildew resistant, and can be walked on without compromising the material like tile or cedar. As a Olympia roofing contractor, i5 Exteriors ensures CertainTeed roofing and Malarkey composition shingles are also weather and wind driven rain resistant, with an asphalt coating including crushed rock for longer lasting protection implementing two, three, and up to four-piece laminated fiber glass base construction for durability. CertainTeed roofing and Owens Corning manufacturing process is extremely critical for here in the Olympia metro and surrounding areas with our wet climate.

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Serving Olympia, WA

I5 Exteriors offers many different Olympia roofing products, such as CertainTeed roofing products and DaVinci roofing products with options of beautiful colors, profiles, architectural layout, and overall aesthetic appearance. I5 Exteriors offers the #1 rated premium CertainTeed Grand Manor, CertainTeed Centennial Slate, CertainTeed Presidential roofing, CertainTeed Presidential TL roofing system, the premium CertainTeed Landmark roofing series and The CertainTeed Landmark TL roofing system. Cedar Shake roofing replacement Olympia WA is another common service we provide. I5 Exteriors Olympia roofing division will help you select composition roofing shingles that give you the look of slate, architectural grid, distinctive rustic or even wood shake.

Here in the greater Portland and Olympia metro area, I5 Exteriors has assisted and helped many homeowners, community management groups, property management firms, HOA boards, and committees from holding seminars to remediation outline and execution of necessary repairs due to moisture intrusion, water intrusion and construction defects. Property management services is another division of I5 Exteriors here in the greater Portland and Olympia metro areas on residential homes, multi-family units such as townhomes, condominiums, and apartment buildings is our specialty. I5 Exteriors works with many different architectural waterproofing firms, as well as numerous attorneys specializing in building defects, construction defects, and proper building envelope protection.

I5 Exteriors is a greater Portland and Olympia metro area specialty Olympia roofing contractor that is an expert when it comes to Olympia cedar shake roofing replacement. I5 Exteriors takes extra precautions and staging steps to protect the integrity of the roofing structure and home when replacing a Olympia cedar shake roof. Here in the greater Portland and Olympia metro areas, I5 Exteriors often replaces Olympia cedar shake roofing with the premium CertainTeed Grand Manor, CertainTeed Centennial Slate, CertainTeed Presidential TL roofing system and the CertainTeed Landmark TL roofing system. I5 Exteriors is a Olympia roofing company that only installs the best Cedar shake roofing material, as they typically will last 15 to 30 years depending on the exposure, weather, maintenance and quality of upkeep. I5 Exteriors does not recommend Olympia cedar shake roofing repairs and cleaning as these methods have proven to be costly and ineffective with respect to the lifespan of the cedar shake roofing.

I5 Exteriors also prefers CertainTeed roofing for Olympia , WA, and as a roofing contractor, and roofing company, we consider all aspects with proper knowledge and considerations for weight tolerance overall installation protocol. I5 Exteriors has over 21 years of experience installing quality Olympia roofing on homes here in the greater Portland and Olympia metro area, and we are up to date on green building and modern technology from building codes ventilation requirements to ratio of air transmission. I5 Exteriors is a well known, and trusted Olympia roofing contractor leader.

I5 Exteriors is also an expert for Olympia construction defect repair, and water intrusion repair here in the greater Portland and Olympia metro area. I5 Exteriors is trusted to repair or replace poor workmanship from builders and other roofing companies, and we quite often find improper roofing ventilation and lack of integrated flashing entailment being a huge portion and common aspect of defective roofing issues. I5 Exteriors Olympia roofing process and installation techniques of each individual roofing project will vary greatly depending on the required depiction of work and product selection.

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